Season 7 Episode 1

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Season 7

A whole new crew of FLTV producers! Get to know the new FLTV reporters as they bring us stories on preparing for college, confronting anti-gay violence, and what’s happening with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Oh, yes, and a preview of the FLH Boys and Girls Panthers as they get ready for their new season!

  1. fannieloutv says:

    The new FLTV Crew is awesome!

  2. ERIC WHITE says:


  3. COREY MORGAN says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Caroline’s Advisory thought Episode was relevant and interesting – particularly – Occupy Wall Street segment. There should be more information on college applications and discussions of how to consider various colleges and to save for them.

    Students liked the video alot…

    Girls basketball footage was great especially Pamela!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    you guysss were the besttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Aaron’s Advisory:Class Dicussion
    The most interesting segment was the one about bullying and the question i want to ask is Why does anti-gay bullying happen?
    -Junior: As long as you don’t show your gay behavior than people will not bully you
    -Eva: I loved it because of the music & the gay violence skit
    -Roseangel: What is going on in wall street?
    -Alfredo: Rich people worked hard to get rich
    -Jumaane:Some people are born into being rich
    -Jeffrey: Dont blame the one percent, blame the system

  7. william says:

    sarah did a very great job on the acting part and i think this basketball team this year is goin to take the chip hannnnnnnnnnn

  8. nathaniel says:

    i think that the wrestling team need to be interviewed because they are going to the chip this year

  9. MIchael Figueroa says:

    peters advisory: I believe that the fl tv video made a lot of good points especially when they went to the Pregones theater and I think that, that will make people realize what gay people go through when they get confronted by straight people with issues.

  10. sarah-symone says:

    i loved this episode not because i was in it but because we all worked as a team and others enjoyed it (:

    • Emily Task says:

      What a great episode! I’m so impressed with the FLH TV crew this year. I loved the segment on gay violence and bullying/Pregones Theater and Occupy Wall Street. I’m also interested to learn more about college applications, and hear from some Seniors who are going through the process now. What advice do they have for the juniors who will be doing all of this next year?

      Could we recruit the FLH TV producers to create a PSA for the new Student Success Center that will be official in the Winter of 2012??

  11. Kim's Advisory (room 110) says:

    The segment on anti-gay violence was very well done. A lot of my students have friends and family who are part of the gay community. The segment on Occupy Wall Street helped my students learn more about the issues surrounding the movement. Thank you for the episode!

    • Anonymous says:

      i think that people who are gay are still human .i also think people take it way out proportion about others being gay . i mean if its not you and not your life why are you worried about .. i think everybody should be happy in thier own way

  12. Kassandra C says:

    I feel like people whom are gay should be treated like regular people. they are still people at the end of the day. I think what you did was really cool and i enjoy watching it. It made me feel like this school really cares about people who are gay and what they go though. 🙂 thanks again<3 FLTV IS COOL .

  13. Catherine Javier says:

    I think FLTV gives people a chance to think about things, like our future & about anti-gay violence. It gives kids to see things in other ways about life and our life.

  14. Brian says:

    who in the school goes to a suny college

  15. christopher jones says:

    I feel that gay people should not be teased because it’s not funny

  16. Nicholas C says:

    I think this episode was real good and important. Good Job FLTV

  17. Isis R says:

    awesome episode! i love the way you all included gay violence. most people don’t know how people are really affected for being gay today. i think if people see this it will open their eyes and see that we are all equal.

  18. Anonymous says:

    the segment on anti-gay violence was very good. In the community we live in right now there is alot of gay violence. I personally think this video will help us. the video was good!

  19. Anonymous says:

    From Kate’s Advisory

    We spoke about how, at this school, it seems to be a safer space for GLBT students than some other school. In other schools, people won’t say as much about bullying. Here, it gets addressed. But there is still work to be done to make it a safe space for everyone because some students get bullied.

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