Season 7 Episode 2

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Season 7

In this episode: Student Government elects a president; our Math teacher, Kate, wins a very special award; we meet community author, Charles Rice-Gonzalez;  we discuss viewers’ comments; and we see our powerhouse young women athletes in action!!

  1. ellajorollin says:

    Congrats to FLTV for great work! You are our future Amy Goodmans and Tavis Smiley’s only better!!!

    Professor Barbara Ransby
    Chicago, IL

    • jose alfaro says:

      This is a great segment. You guys & gals have worked very hard to produce a tremendous product. I expect to see you at the MTV awards ceremony for best high school videos. I think it would be great to do some follow up interviews, like the question about being gay at FLH and how people feel, and to interview some folks from Occupy the Bronx. thanks again, jose

  2. Kim's Advisory (room 110) says:

    Another fantastic episode! Thanks for all of your hard work, FLTV!

    – Nice choice in music for your segments!

    – Why was there not a segment on the boys’ basketball team this episode?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aaron’s Advisory,
    Why is there nothing about the boys team?
    What about the archery team?
    How did FLTV hear about the book? Who found it?
    Where can we get a copy of it?
    Why wasn’t their more video of the wrestling team?
    Girls can rule the world too-we agree with Rosa!!!
    There are certain things that girls cannot do though….like…
    There is some disagreement in this advisory about what girls can do.
    Girls cannot join the NBA but there is the WNBA
    A boy once told me that I couldn’t be a pilot because I was a woman but I have met women pilots.

    About Kate’s check for the school….what is the school going to spend the money on.

    Kate is my SON…..(not literally) p.s. I am too young to have an actual son.

  4. peter advisory says:

    peter’s advisory-Gloria

    I love this episode! I’m speechless. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • Laura's Advisory says:

      Laura’s advisory:
      We want to read the book, Chulito!
      We’re proud of the girl’s basketball team!! And the boys.
      We liked the music. We want more music.
      Make sure to correct your spelling.
      We want to see more sports team segments. We’d like to see the Common Period Referee class and an interview with Debbie Smith. We also want to see Marc in practice. 😉
      I’d like to see how students handle the mastery and blue tag process.
      Record the seniors taking pictures and/or working on the yearbook.
      We want to see some new topics, like a segment on abusive relationships.

  5. IR says:

    girl are really showing that they just as determained to a sport as guys are!

  6. Catherine J says:

    This was a great episode , the girls basket ball did great so did the others but keep on with the good work FLTV

  7. Brian Polanco says:

    makes me wish i could still wrestle ……..i cant cause my parents dont want me to get hurt

  8. kassandra says:

    I really enjoy watching all the shows that ya put up.

  9. Sheahna R says:

    I loved this episode guys. great job. You guys were absolutely great. Keep up the good work

  10. Anonymous says:

    Luz Advisory:

    This was another great episode!

    Students were extremely excited to see the Wrestling Team on FLTV.

    Congratulation to our president Briana Rivers!

    Great selection of Topics and Music!

    What advice can Juniors or Seniors give to the Freshman about Language Portfolio? Red/Blue Tag Mania

    School Community Maps are up in Division One– D1 students want to represent their maps?

    Where can students purchase the book Chulito?

    How else can our team players be featured? (Social Activism, Volunteering, Community Outreach, fundraising, academics/tutoring, etc)

    New Topic: Bullying/Social Networking Sites

  11. danielle's advisory says:

    From Danielle’s advisory:
    -we liked the episode!

    we are interested in hearing about:
    -the bullying that gay girls go through
    -we would like more updates about student government
    -preview the Hunger Games (this advisory LOVES it, you should come visit us)
    -would love a special/interview with Jackson (‘a day in the life’)
    -maybe try and use FLTV to get interest in activities like: step team/debate team
    -a special on school lunches (there is a big debate in here about juice in the afternoon and milk in the morning)

    thanks for listening 🙂

  12. Boys Baseball team says:

    Thanks you for the Episode but you guys should go film the Boys Baseball Teams SUPPORT EVERY SPORT!!!

  13. Wendy's Advisory says:

    From Wendy’s Advisory:
    Thank you for the episode!!

    We would like to hear more about:
    -Future Student Government events
    -More about LGBT issues, and bullying
    -Baseball/Soft Ball
    -GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance)
    -More stuff about music–student made music
    -More about the after-school activities
    -Talk about community outreach
    -The Live-in Peace event
    -Staying in School issues/Drugs

    Thanks so much for your work!!!

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