Community Anti-Violence Meeting at FLHFHS

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Season 7

Join us at this important meeting to kick off plans for the 2nd Annual FLH Peace Block Party. Tuesday January 17, 2012 from 6 – 8 PM.

  1. Joseph says:


  2. Tyrik and Keon says:


  3. natasha says:

    i think this is real important , we looking forward to this event .

  4. Meshay Defreece says:

    I believe that peace plays a big part in living a healthy life. Our society now of days is so disrupt because teens and adults now a days don’t understand the concept of being peaceful. We need peace to live long healthy lives instead of living in a violent life.

  5. Deborah Herman says:

    The children. What will the future bring? All the violence. We need to stop the violence. As a mother and teacher, tears are constantly flowing….

  6. Manny Santiago says:

    This upcoming peace fair is way to show the respect for those that we have lost in our lives. To those who was taken away from us were the greatest, and as part of the upcoming peace fair we say to you guys to rest in paradise…

  7. alison's advisory says:

    Our Advisory talked today about ideas for the upcoming Peace Fair, but also for ideas to promote peace and positivity in the community as a whole year-round.

    Some ideas:
    -Print larger copies of the Live in Peace designs (into small poster size) and ask if we can hang them in local businesses / bodegas / schools to fill our community with positive graffiti and the idea that we should all live in peace
    -Write up something short to include with the posters, or include a small web address at the bottom
    -Create a website that describes our intentions, our feelings on violence (and peace) in the community, and ways / resources for the community to get involved in making peace in their daily lives.

    For the fair:
    -Invite other schools in the neighborhood to have Peace Fairs on the same day, and offer them our plans / resources for how we made it happen. Stand in solidarity with those schools by spreading the Peace Fairs throughout the community (but not combining them necessarily)
    -Invite Community members and/or business owners to contribute to the fair and promote their businesses
    -Write to various companies to ask them to donate rubber bracelets that students can wear daily to remember their commitment to live in peace

    -alison’s advisory

  8. Arty says:

    r.i.p jojo

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