Barbara Santiago (Fall 2012)

– My name is Barbara Santiago. I’m 18 years young , and my birthday is April 4 1993 I’m Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian. I like being in Fannie Lou TV. It’s pretty fun, I never thought I’d be interested in working with cameras and making videos but I like it very much. Okay, that’s all. Enjoy!! & i specifically love Stephanie Osorio [=


– The segment I worked on was “Sports” with Sarah and Meghan, it just showed both the boys and girls basketball team practicing with their coaches. Marc is the coach to the boy’s basketball team he was also interviewed in that segment and Debby is the coach to the girl’s basketball team. I guess you can say the video is an Entertainment and Informing segment. When the viewers watch I want them to see that sports can be for anyone and that maybe they should consider joining a sport when they enter high school especially if their interested. Don’t be afraid to join one, and when you do just have fun with it. Sadly I wasn’t here for most of the things that were done but I was apart of editing, it was my first time doing that and it wasn’t that hard it was actually kind of fun and easy watching the video noticing the mistakes and the non important parts then deciding what you wanted to cut out and what you felt needed to be put into the video to make it better or even to just give it flavor, anything like that.