Brianna Rivers (Spring 2012)

Hello Fannie Lou TV viewers, my name is Brianna Rivers, I’m 17 years old and a senior at Fannie Lou and also President of Student Government. I am excited to be working with the schools news segment. It is an honor to have the privilege of dissecting real news in to things that interest average high school students. i look forward to meeting new people, increasing my reporting skills, and my ability to question. ENJOY ❤

March 9, 2011

Recently , the Fannie Lou TV crew took a trip to an independent television news cast called Democracy Now. We took the trip because we had the privilege of interviewing a news caster who was born in Egypt, moved to the united states when he was 18 and returned to Egypt during the Mubarack Protest. During the actual filming of the interview I held the Boom pole for a few minutes after Martin’s arms got tired, i mainly just listened to the interview and sucked up the information like a sponge. During the interview with Shariff I learned people were against Mubarack since he’s been in power over 30 years ago. I didn’t really learn much about the independent television business i mainly learned about the events happening in egypt. I enjoyed our experience at Democracy now, I felt very comfortable not like we were in a place where we weren’t wanted.

This seasons first episode went smoothly. I feel like the camera work could have been better a lot of times the camera would zoom in and out and not stay at a certain point , so they makes it a little distracting. The sound levels were god , some of the crews voices were just not as interested as others, it would sound better if we all were at the same pitch. Our editing was good , and the transitions flowed easily. I feel the way we worked was good, we all understood how to work together and give help where it was needed.

As far as the content goes i feel like we could have spoken about things that were out of the ordinary, in almost every Fannie Lou episode we speak about the same topics. I like doing things that haven’t been spoken about or seen already. We all know the school rules and sugars aren’t good for us. The segment that had the biggest effect or impacted me the most was the egypt segment, the actual Skype conversation we had was empowering, we spoke to teens not exactly our age but not grown ups either, they are living in the chaos that is occurring in Egypt. I also feel we needed to give more information on what was going on prior to the protest, what was the entire story behind it. We just jumped straight in to he violence and interviews with no real insight to what the problem was.