Corey Scott (Spring, Fall 2011)


My name is Corey and I am a student within Fannie Lou TV. Being in FLTV I’ve been enjoying a lot of activities. For the past two years I’ve been working on segments after segments. It’s really fun and I look forward to future episode from others. To the future FLTV crew members; have fun and don’t be afraid to share your ideas as well as exploring new ones, because you just may find what you want to do with your life.

Democracy Now Trip:

We went to Democracy Now to interview a journalist who came back from Egypt: Sharif Abdel Koddous. Since the former interviewee was sick, I had to fill in for him, asking Sharif Abdel Koddous questions. I think I did good, asking him some really good questions. Next time that I interview somebody I should make more eye contact. I learned that he is from Egypt and he really was into what was going on in his home country. I also learned that he was scared because of the people that overtook the police force. I learned that preparation is a must and when its time to go on its time. You have to know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. It’s much better if you do it a lot so that the nervous feelings won’t take over.

May 16, 2011

Season Episode 1: Being my first time apart of FLTV was very interesting. Actually learning how to use a camera and broom pole for sound was new. Meaning that it’s something that we use on daily basis but we do not use it in the correct way. Learning how to use it was great. Recording, having people share their information and what they like and dont like to do was fun. Editing, no so much fun. In the middle of the year of FLTV I started to get bored because the  editing part was a lot of work and you have to had the right clips. Everything had to be in order, revised and checked by Pam the FLTV teacher. Overall I was very content with this episode because it took time and money to complete it.  You can tell that it was telling a story. You’ve seen people do what they enjoy doing and it has told you who they are as well. This segment actually could have been planned out more thoroughly because there was a lot of time wasted trying to in contact with certain people and getting a hold on certain things.

Working on Episode 1 was a lot of work. Working with a group of like 10 people at a time can be very difficult at times. Everyone has their opinion and input on how everything should look and should be. A lot of your ideas may not get to the surface because you have like 10 other people throwing their ideas, which is as good as your, out there as well. In dealing with the topics that we were doing the topics overall were very informational and it kept us interested.  My segment was healthy foods and I for one do not eat a lot of vegetables. This segment helped me to learn how to cook foods that are usually cooked on daily basis in a more healthier manner. My question to my segment is how can I keep this going if I always eat out and never have time to cook. The most challenging part about creating this segment was actually figuring out what we was going to do. This was a healthy segment but i was only thinking about things that weren’t healthy. The most fun part about this segment was actually finishing it and watching it over.

Anti-Gay Violence Segment !

Working in the anti-gay violence segment, my initial objective was to send a message out to my viewers that gay violence is real and it’s not fun. In planning a skit play pertaining to the segment, a lot of students ignored the role of being gay/lesbian. It was difficult because students had the mentality of “I’m going to be made fun of if I do this part”. That’s how serious the gay violence issue is. To the skit play success, we had a brave student, Jasmine Gomez, who was willing to pursue the role of being gay/lesbian and had done a flawless job. I myself had played the role of being the background people, tormenting Jasmine, chanting out degrading terms as word got out about her sexuality. It was easy for others and myself to select such comfortable roles because we were too afraid to face reality.
In doing this segment I’ve creatively decided to throw in a skit play because it’s something that will capture the viewers, give them a real sense of what it is to be of that lifestyle. I kind of borrowed that old high school theme; “the he say, she say” as well as the setting; lockers and everybody talking. It was genius because many students, as well as teachers, can relate to this type of atmosphere.
The most challenging part in doing this segment was procrastination. The planning and idea’s were great, but the procrastination consumed our time of editing the footage. After learning what I’ve learned from this segment, I would have to say that time is very significant in doing these segments because you have so many great plans but so little time to distinguish them.