Elvin Espinal (Fall 2011)


My name is Elvin, but you already knew that. I’m a junior at Fannie Lou Freedom High School. I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the crew and keeping you all updated on what’s happening around at the present time both in our school and our worldwide community. Thanks for checking my bio, I really appreciate my fans for supporting me and my crew.

Production Journal #1

In our Season 7 Episode 1 segment I think we all did a good job as a team. Everyone fulfilled their roles and got the work done. My role was to create the introduction for each segment using LiveType while my group was working on senior concerns. While I was creating the introductions I had to be creative and think about how it would look and how it would fit with the segments. If I had to say what the most challenging thing about my role was it would be putting everything together, because I also had to write the credits and then put every introduction in the right spot along with all the other segments. One of the things that I would like to see from our viewers is to give us feedback on how we produced our episodes so that we can continue to improve and give them more interesting information. The most important thing I learned was that we had to be confident to complete this because if we weren’t we would’ve taken more time and things could’ve gotten really messy.

Democracy Now

On November 30th, me and my crew went down to the news broadcast station called Democracy Now! to learn a little bit more on how a show should be given. It was a very interesting experience watching the live broadcast and seeing everyone fulfilling their roles whether it was working on their own websites or organizing their past work in the archives. We also got to meet the host of the show Amy Goodman and she taught us a few things about what it meant to be a news reporter. One thing she said was that a person doesn’t have to know anything about news reporting in order to become one which was true and inspiring to hear. Overall it was a good experience going to Democracy Now! especially in the end when we got to eat pizza as a team.

Season 8 Episode 1 Reflection

After finally completing this episode we went to visit Rachel’s and Marc’s classes. We all had interesting discussions with both classes. The thing we had most trouble with was getting some students to talk because maybe they were shy or maybe they had nothing to talk about. For the next time I suggest we as a team figure out a way to get students to talk and get them interested in what our episode is about. Overall everyone did their job and the episode was a success. I thank everyone on the team for putting their effort into making this episode