Jasmine Gomez (Fall 2011)


My name is Jasmine Gomez. I am a senior in Fannie Lou and a press in Fannie Lou TV. I really don’t like talking on camera but if one of the crew members are not there I would consider asking questions to the interviewer. I really love to edit videos and it could be about anything. Editing is the best thing I like to do, better than talking on camera. I also like to do other things, but in this perspective I love to edit.

Production Journal #1

The segment I worked on was Senior Concerns. Senior Concerns was about what seniors have to go through once they are in 12th grade and what juniors have to be doing in order to be a senior and what they are planning to do when they are in 12th grade. It even shows who are the people you have to go to in order to get information about college and find out which college you would want to be in. The role I played in producing the segment was Editing. I had to look up what type of music should be in the segment and find out which conversation in the interview would be best to give an open mind to the viewer. The creative idea in my segment was when I had to look for the music that had something to deal with college because most songs now in days don’t really have the idea of opening students’ minds to looking forward to being in college even if it’s negative or positive. I had to think about finding a spot for the interviewers to make the people excited about college and have there mind open and explore which college they would like to go to. The most challenging part on my segment was putting music in the background and everything else was just easy for me. The most thing I had learned in my segment is how serious and hardworking seniors have to go through in order to go to the college they really would want to go to and most younger students doesn’t see it until it really hits them.