Jessica Carberry (Fall 2011)

My name Jessica Carberry, I am in the 12th grade here at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School. Being a member of FLTV has been a good and fun experience. It taught me a lot more about cameras, Final Cut Express and interviewing other people.
During this semester at FLTV this experience has been interesting for me. This class was really new and I wasn’t quite sure what I was walking into at the beginning of the year but I ended up really enjoying this class. I realized a lot of new things about myself during this whole process of creating a video for my school. I realized that even though I might be nervous while interviewing a person I can actually do it regardless of how nervous I might be. I realized how good I am with the camera but I don’t really think that’s for me. What I do believe is would have to be directing, the reason I say this is because directing is how I actually see what the video can become, getting new ideas and coming up with new ideas to improve on the video. But when I’m videotaping I actually tend to focus more on how the image looks instead of what it can become.

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How is Fannie Lou TV a Vehicle for Social Change?

            Fannie Lou TV is speaking not only to the students in Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School but also to any other school around the world or maybe not even schools but just any person in general. As long as we get our point across to someone and change their view point about anything that is important and may affect others from watching our videos, then the job is done. Some people believe that FLTV is just for the students and staff in Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School but it is not; FLTV is out for the whole world to see. It is not only speaking for those who are members in FLTV but we speak for those who we believe may have something interesting to say that could possibly change a person’s whole point of view on any subject. We once did a segment on Occupy Wall Street and we went down there to speak to a few people who were a part of the protest; to not only hear what they had to say about the protest but to also find out the reason why they were actually protesting. Going down to Occupy Wall Street and getting the chance to talk to a few people I learned how much people can care about us as students. A woman went do to protest in Wall Street for us students to not have to pay as much as we do for college; she was really passionate about it and had a really good point. When we was younger we was in no way informed to save our money for college but now a lot of students go into college and come out struggling with debt. So Fannie Lou TV not only listens to other people’s opinions but also adds on to it with our own to make sure that young adults can relate to the dilemma as well. Fannie Lou TV is not only for the adults to understand but most importantly the students because the young adults are the future and without our knowledge of what’s going on in the real world there will be no understanding or improvement because we simply would not understand what is really going on in the world.

Anti-Gay Violence and Bullying is something I believe this community needs to change in order for the community to grow in a positive way. Many young people have committed suicide due to bullying and anti-gay violence. Other people have survived from this ridiculous act. It has yet been put a stop to. Even though some people may have survived through this tragedy it does not make anything about it right, others may have had to deal with emotional depression or have been physically abused due to either their sex preference or maybe for no reason what so ever. That is all Fannie Lou TV is about, change. The point is not to seek the entire negative that is being done in society but what can just be improved more. In some aspects certain things need more improving than others but the whole idea is to fix those problems and find any little way to make this community a better and safer community for anyone who walks along the earth. Fannie Lou TV can show more about anti-gay violence in the next segment and make it clear to people that although someone may be gay does not mean he or she is not equal to anyone else in the world. If everyone just reaches out to someone and get FLTV noticed I think the problems around in the world can really get noticed and people would be able to see how us students really care about it as well which would influence them to make a difference in society.

Fannie Lou TV I believe should both make the audience aware of social issues and also take action about it as well. In order for a person to take action on any problem they have to be aware of the problem first, otherwise they would not understand what they are trying to find a solution for. You have to look into the problem really deeply in order to find a solution to put a total stop to that problem. If you do not observe the problem carefully enough then the problem might not be fully solved as we all want it to be. We need to stop just looking at the pictures in the book and instead read between the lines. What I mean by that is that we as people have the tendency to just see a problem and automatically know the solution for it, but sometimes that might not do any justice. What really needs to be done is more observation on the problem instead of assuming everything as we may sometimes do. FLTV once did a segment on anti-gay violence; the segment was about a play that 3 guys did at Pregones Theater showing how gay people are being treated not only by their friends but also by their school teachers and even their own family members.

FLTV student members are different compared to other teenagers who are concerned about social issues because with our access to the media tools but we had the great privilege to go downtown to Occupy Wall Street and not only just visualize what was going on but actually go up to a few people and interview them. We had a great experience dealing with that and it gave us a taste of what interviewing and being a reporter is really about because that was really what we were doing down there in Occupy Wall Street. We not only get to interview but also got to interview but also got to video tape everything that was interesting to go back to Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School and share the information with the students in our school and to everyone else in the entire world on our website. The technology we use gives us a huge opportunity, the right person at the right time might view all our videos and see what Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School is really about and it might influence them to make a change, whether it’s just for themselves or maybe even better, for the entire community. All the segments we have covered have been extremely important in this society, it showed everything we face and everything we do well but it just takes one person to see our videos and get inspired to make that change.