Kelly Contreras ( Spring 2012)


Hello world!!!!

Hi my name is Kelly Contreras, and i am a junior in Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High-school. I’m so lucky and glad, i got chosen to be in Fannie Lou TV. This is a New Experiment for me and its a privilege for me. I am looking to help out with videos and coming out in camera and learning all these different techniques about cameras, that i did not know before. I remember the first episode I saw was during my freshman year, i was so into it and it was very interesting to know that in D2 i will take video class. I think its a cool experience and anyone would be happy to get chosen to be in FLTV. I am working on my first Segment 🙂 .

The week of March 5th – March 9th, I want to accomplish editing the footage for my segment. We already captured the footage for our segment. We are just waiting for approval from satellite academy.

                                                                     “ The Interrupters”
The film The Interrupters is a film based on violence by young people and even older people that were motivated by others. It’s so interesting how your actions/mind can lead you to such a bad crime because people do not think before they do things.  The three main characters were Ameena Matthews, Cobe Williams and Eddie Bocanegra. Ameena was a lady who talked about violence in the community and how she was going to be always their if anybody had to talk about making the bad decisions. She motivates kids to do right because in the future violence would not benefit them. You will either be dead, hospitalized or in jail for making the wrong decisions. She is there to make the community better and for young people to stop the violence and if they feel that somebody is saying something to you to fight, you should keep it moving because you don’t know what that person is carrying on them or how the other person or you might react. Cobe Williams was a guy from the movie who killed somebody when he was 14-15 and now that he thinks back he says it wasn’t worth it because now he would never forget that. He was young at the time and he did not know right from wrong and maybe someone had influenced him to do the crime, that’s why Ameena is around to help violence in our community. Nowadays there is too much violence, bully, shooting, fighting, death and killing and we young people should think that we should not loose our life for something so dumb “ fighting”. Eddie Bocanegra was a beautiful artist. He always made beautiful pictures so that our community looks beautiful and the film looked interesting. At the end of the movie Eddie showed all his photos he had created.
The main actions that happened in this movie was that a lot people were shooting and not thinking about the things they were going to do before they did it. That’s why i am so glad Ameena Is around to help us young people think differently. Also to let us know that we shouldn’t just go straight to violence, sometimes ignoring a person would benefit you from being in a casket at the end of the day. This film took place in Chicago. In Chicago there’s a lot of violence but that’s not only in Chicago. It’s also in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and everywhere else. That’s why Ameena is around to prevent violence. The results of the subject’s actions were death and people in caskets because us young people do not think. Nowadays teens are dyeing faster than their mothers and it shouldn’t be like that, we should bury our own mothers, not them bury their kids. The main message in this film was VIOLENCE and how one reaction can lead to another. The filmmakers might of used a lot of actions and maybe interviews so that we young people know how others feels about the violence that’s happening and Ameena is trying to prevent.
Hi Kelly–Ameena seems to have made the biggest impression on you out of the three violence interrupters in the film. I wonder why?



Reflection on Presentations. 

For season 8 episode 1,Fannie Lou TV crew went around to different advisory/classes and Presented our new episode. At first, I was so shy to present to different classes because most of the classes were D1 teachers and i didn’t know what they will think if i presented. Its my first video and the FIRST time i go present for D1 teachers the video we just produced. I was so shy at first because its like i did not know what to talk about while i was in front of the class, although i was prepared with my questions so that we can have discussions after showing season 8 episode 1 .

Some students were talkative but students were really shy. D1 FreshMans were the most shy ones, although some people were engaged in our discussions after putting up the video and showed them the new episode. Next time in order to help the students not be shy, we should  do icebreakers or playing a little game before showing our episode and discussing it with them. The presentations/ Discussions were really powerful. I learned a lot from these presentations because there were things i did not know before that i learned now, mostly for the black history segment. I Learned that Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass was recognized in the month of february because there birthdays were in the same month of february, Black History Month ever since than has been in February. Students looked engaged in the video, they looked interested. Fannie Lou TV crew members all presented to Allison`s Advisory , Rachell Advisory , Kim’s Advisory and Marc’s class. I thank them for letting us Fannie Lou TV come in and have a discussion with there students about our new episode. For our Next episode, we were thinking about including segments on School Lateness, Opportunities for Exercise, Summer Jobs and about vibe. The presentations were Powerful !! 🙂 STAY TUNED 🙂