Madeline Amaya (2011)

Hey, hola my name is Maddy Amaya! I’m in the 11th grade and I am in Fannie Lou TV. I enjoy working on this great project because I like being able to inform my peers about what is going on in their communities and in the world.

Production Journal #1:
I am in Pam’s video/production class. When I found out that I was able to get this class I was very excited because I had seen Fannie Lou TV before and I really enjoyed watching it  and I wanted to learn how it all came together. For our first episode we worked on Anti-gay violence, the Basketball team, senior concerns and Occupy Wall Street. We were broken up into groups and each group was assigned to a topic. My group consisted of Corey Scott, Chastity Salas, Jessica Carberry, and of course me. Our group had anti-gay violence and we were excited to get the topic. We did several activities to make our segment entertaining and informational. We were able to go to pregones theater and see a play called “Inside Out”, we made our own skit, we interviewed the actors in the play and also the students who participated in our skit. My favorite parts was going to see the play and creating the skit. I loved being able to make our own version and have it be more youthful and relatable. It was fun to see a play as well because I personally love plays and going to theaters. What was difficult was editing because I was being introduced to something that I had never worked with before and it was all new to me. I did enjoy learning how to use the program we used to edit. I loved seeing it all come together and I was proud because we were able to meet our deadline and I felt like I worked very hard and it all came together beautifully.

Trip To Democracy Now!

On November 30th we traveled to 25th street to Democracy Now! We were able to see a live episode  and travel around the studio. We met with Amy Goodman, and also the production team who make the magic happen. Before Video class I had no idea what Democracy Now! was, I was introduced to it and still didn’t really have an interest in it. When Pam told us to do an assignment before we visited the studio. We were told to pic an episode form Democracy Now! and then pick an episode from a different news cast and compare the two. The episode i picked from Democracy now! was the one about Pepper Spray. There was a rally at UC Davis and the police had taken it to extreme measures by Pepper spraying the students who would not let the police men lave the campus. On Democracy Now! Amy Goodman interviewed a student who was Pepper sprayed. On Abc News they hadn’t focused on the conditions and the main factors of the Pepper spraying the had more explained the symptoms and how police get pepper sprayed in training. They tried to make the public feel like they shouldn’t feel bad or remorse for the students because policemen know how it feels to get pepper sprayed. So in visiting the Democracy Now! studio I learned the Democracy Now! gives you the hard-hitting news. When watching democracy Now! the public gets to know the information that people in other news cast shows try to hide or sugar-coat. It feels as though news sometimes want you to feel like everything is okay but sometimes knowing the truth can prepare you for whats to come. I loved the visit and I loved being able to meet Amy Goodman and see how serious she takes her work. I loved learning that people who work there really are passionate about what they do and they love their job. My favorite part of the visit was getting to sit in the chair that Amy Goodman sits in to do the news. Being to be in the studio was so much fun and it helped me understand what Democracy now! is all about.In a way Democracy Now! gives the public tough love.


Production Plan for Week: 3/5/12

This week I have to catch up with my group. I have not been in school due to being sick. I have to update my knowledge on what has been going on and what FLTV has been doing. I wanna learn how the segments are coming along and how far we are in finishing the episode.