Martha Torres (Spring 2011)

February 7, 2011

Hi my name is Martha Torres and I am 16 years old. I am in the 11th grade and currently in Fannie Lou TV. While I am in FLTV I would like to discuss issues that we all face being a teenager. We all go through problems in this school but, I don’t think that we all know that. Some people think that they are the only ones going through problems and while I am on FLTV I want to try to bring everyone in this school closer together.

March 9, 2011- Production Journal

We went to Democracy Now so that we could interview Sharif Abdel Kaddous about what was going on in Egypt. He took a trip there to report back what it was like and how people there were handling it. I was one of the people who had to interview him about what role young people had in the protest going on. After the interview I think I did good. I spoke loud enough and it turned out professional. The next time I do an interview I will definitely look up at the person being interviewed. Next time I will definitely try to memorize the questions that I ask. I learned a lot from interviewing Sharif. I learned that he’s not just someone who went to Egypt, he is actually from Egypt. So when he went back to Egypt he had seen how much it has changed. Sharif said that it was never like that, it was more peaceful before all of this happened. Mubarak supporters actually came into the protest with camels and horses with whips whipping people. When we were in the non-commercial television studio we had to be quiet and I think we all learned how to act in a studio. If I go to another studio like that again I will definitely act more professional. I had a great time there it was a really nice place. I hope to go there again.