Pam Sporn-Teacher

Pam enjoys helping students at Fannie Lou Hamer explore issues and express their opinions in creative and visual ways. Pam also produces her own documentaries on historical and social issues.

March 9, 2001    Production Journal

I enjoyed watching my FLTV crew at the Democracy Now studio on Monday March 7. I want you to reflect on your visit in your own page on this blog. Write about the following questions:

Why did you go to Democracy Now?

What specific crew role did you have?

How do you think you did?

What do you think you’ll do differently the next time you do that job?

What did you learn from the interview with Sharif Abdel Kaddous?

What did you learn from being in the professional but non-commercial television studio?

What other comments, observations, or questions do you have about your experience at Democracy Now?