Raquel Marmolejos (Spring, Fall 2011)

My name is Raquel. I’m a senior at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom HS. I’m looking forward to have a great year and show my viewer really interesting topic of what is happing around the world. i will be delightful to show you fun news and also very interesting topics.

March 9 production

My FLTV crew and I visit  the democracy now to interview Sharif Abdel Kaddous to ask him what his experience was in  egypt. Also we  went because Carlos and Martha  had a couple  of question for their segment. I went to learn and to experience is   like to be in a news station. How is it like to be a journalist and get to travel the world.? I really enjoy going there and meeting this professional journalist and listing to his experiences in Egypt

My critique season 1.

I think that the camara and sounds worked very good , you can hear what the people had to say to the viewers. Corey and I tried to give information on healthy food and what they have to do in order to be a healthy and stronger person. we tried to take this message around the world because, most people are dying of fatness. the techniques we used to catch the people attention was experimenting it in luz class and @ ,my home. I found that very interesting and very good to see the different and the similarities. i will add a part where you see people eating fatness food which id not good for them.

I really learn that eating with a lot of  gris  is not good for you and eating healthy is a better chance to not turn obesity.

I learn from being  a producer that we need to give good information and really show the viewers what you trying to say to them. i really enjoy giving them an important message. The most challenging part of this project was going to my house to teach people hoe to cook more heathy.  the most fun part was interviewing students and having their voice heard. Also putting is online so the word can see what we doing.

PRODUCTION JOURNAL # 2   11/16/2011
The segment I worked on was the occupy wall street segment. What I want my viewers to get out of this segments is that everything is possible and that sometime we need to come as a community to really show the world that we need a change in society. The role I played to complete this segment was a camara person and an interviewer. I really liked the idea of asking question to my peers and even the people outside the world how they felt with this going on in side the world .
What was creatively about this segment was we decided to put pictures and interview together to match what we wanted the viewers to look at and understand, the whole point of it. Also we took pictures of the posters that were actually in wall street and organized it as accurately as possible, we even put the 99% to show the viewers


Final Essay


This semester was a tremendous season for me we created important segments based on the outside world issues going around during this time period. Fannie Lou producers are trying to get young people and adults to communicate about the important news. We believe that Fannie Lou producers are speaking for the under heard students and people all around the world.

I totally believe that Fannie Lou TV is a vehicle for social change because the episodes    that we produced shows the entire different problems that the community is going through, for example the anti- gay violence in the community. Theses people are being treated differently than others because of their sexuality. This could be a vehicle for social change because you need to accept people the way they are, they don’t deserve to be treated differently.  Also Fannie Lou producers had a chance to go down to Democracy Now and learn a lot about protests that were going on in Britain. Fire fighters, teachers, and garbage collectors were participating in a 24-hour strike. I really think that DEMOCRACY NOW is a vehicle for social issue change because people need to get informed about on what is going on around the world and how we can change it to a better safe and peaceful world. FLTV helped in inform students and people about the protest on Wall. I met students inside Fannie Lou that didn’t know about the occupy Wall Street, movement but we had the chance to go to Wall Street and bring them information and reactions about how it was like there. I really feel proud and accomplished because I had the chance to go there and bring information to students that didn’t know what was going down on Wall Street and really inform them.

Fannie Lou TV makes the audience aware of what’s going around in the world and also we let them know about the social issues that are accruing now, but also they have to take action to make a change. It’s not only looking at the problem and not doing anything about it’s making that change. People should feel like their voices are heard. For example Occupy Wall Street, the people down there took action they didn’t stay home watching TV and looking at it and not do anything, they took action in going down for their voices to be heard.

The media is very important to make change in people and society because based on them we get to see what is going around the world; we get well informed on the problems in the world.  This makes us different from the other teenagers who are concerned about social change, because we use equipment that professional people use, and also we have technology to let other people know what is going on inside of the school and outside the world. Technology offers a lot of chances in the world because with all this technology you can see the issues on your computer or even on your phone.

This season the most successful and interesting segments were the one segment where we went to see the play at Pregones Theater about anti- gay violence and the Occupy Wall Street segment where we got the chance to interview people and have them share the point of view of the different people and what they think about this protest. These segments caused the students at Fannie Lou to talk more and they relates to their own lives because some of them are living the same way, for example being gay and not being able to show people they are gay because they are afraid of being judged.

I really enjoy being a FLTV member I had a chance to experience good moments, and learn a lot with the media. I’ll take this experience to college in September show my new peers what I have done as a media producer at my high school. Special thanks to my wonderful teacher Pam Sporn for allowing me get a wonderful experiences that will live inside me forever. And remember, we can make a Change if we get our voice to be heard. I will always remember that from FLTV.