Raston Lopez (Fall 2011)

Hello, My name is Raston Lopez and I am a student at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School. I am a member of the FLtv class with Pam Sporn. This is my Third time working with video class and i have gained great knowledge as well. I hope to accomplish a lot like making my next segment better than the First.


For this season of the class, I worked with other members and created a video about senior year in high school. It was meant to give the students in our school a better understanding of what occurs during your senior year. Since there were four members in my group, I took the role as the interviewer.  Being a Interviewer wasn’t easy because the presser was on you.I also worked on the teaser for each video segment. I included music, pictures and video that would make it creative. I believe i did a good job at it since it was my first time in FLTV.