Rosa de Jesus

My name is Rosa De Jesus and I am a Junior at Fannie Lou High school. I like being in FLTV because it shows me how to work with a camera and how to speak to people. I also learn how to work with technology and how to put together different videos to make a good episode and catch peoples attention.


                            Presenting the segment to the classes were very different for each class. when we went to Rachel’s class no one had anything to say about the segment and we didn’t even have enough time to show some of the segment because time ran out and some kids in that class were very disrespectful saying that the segment was “wack”. If you didn’t like it keep your comments to yourself. When we went to Kim’s class only like one person participated in the conversation but when it came to Marc’s class lots of people participated and we had a real good conversation going on and we got a lot of opinions about different things and that class really enjoyed the segment. We just need more kids to participate in the discussions we have after the segments and less bad comments.

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