Samuel Gand (Fall 2011)


I am called Samuel Gand. I am seventeen years old and a junior in Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High school this year 2011.

Production Journal

               I worked on the segment about Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street is a protest going on in Wall Street where people have gathered together to address their grievance publicly for the government to change situations for their benefit.

                   The information I am passing across to the viewers is to let them know what is going on in the society around them and ways by which they could contribute in building the society.

                 In this segment I took part in interviewing some protesters on Wall Street and also was the cameraperson. I also contributed in the planning, contribution of ideas and editing of the segment. In certain times I played the role of a director, interviewer and sometimes the cameraperson.

                    This episode was both a creative and an intellectual piece. The background music, still shots and the skit were all creative, while the interviews, and questions were all intellectual.

               It was challenging figuring out the message we wanted to pass across to the audience or viewers as well as the persons to interview, choices of music and still photos and editing.

                    The significant thing I learned was how to edit and interview people.

Reflection on visit to Democracy Now

On November 30th 2011 I and the other Fannie Lou TV crew went to Democracy Now at 25th street to see what we usually see on TV and the internet live. when we arrived the report was about occupy Los Angeles and many other topics in the world. I heard and saw other reports and interviews from other reporters out of the studio. At first I thought news reporters were reporting their news from their brains without reading or looking at their papers they used the which made me always think they were so perfect and geniuses. I was later shown that they used the teleprompter were they read from. that really made me impressed and overwhelmed with anxiety. we the Fannie Lou TV crew were taken on a tour in the building showing us the different workers and their roles. when the whole tour was over we left the building.


Final Essay 


                         A change is a conversion from one form to another. Since we are dealing with man who is unpredictable, that change will either be from a good life to a bad outcome or from a bad state to a better position. When talking about changes in the society, no one wants a negative change; every one wants a change that would produce a better output, likewise Fannie Lou TV. After the death of our reformer Martin Luther King many years ago, a group of young adults led by their head Pam Sporn and Nancy Mann thought it wise to also be participants in social change and change the thinking and ways of operation in the economy of our young people and also create awareness of certain aspects of the Bronx community and the world. This group of people is made up of students and teachers from Fannie Lou Hammer Freedom High School and they call themselves Fannie Lou TV. I am a member of the broadcast.

                         Fannie Lou TV is about serving the community, implying that Fannie Lou TV speaks on behalf of the staff and students of Fannie Lou, the Bronx community and the world in general. Minor or major growth, decline, economic crisis and grievances going on in the Bronx community and the world, especially the youths, are sometimes looked upon as not being important. The voices of people in our community are often not heard about political, economical and social issues concerning the nation and the society. Fannie stands along side thousands of TV broadcasts as the youths’ and people’s voices. Also young people like members of the Fannie Lou and students In Fannie Lou TV uses the opportunity for our voices and thoughts to be heard. Fannie Lou is also the great vehicles to change for its members because it has given new knowledge, improved existing skills and gets us to express our minds in the right manner and approach. Fannie Lou TV passes its message to everyone out there both the youths and adults. The first social change Fannie LouTV does before others is its members. What I mean by this is that, a reporter from Fannie Lou TVcannot report on the disadvantages of youth or community violence if he or she is violent. We report on what stands to be true to bring about social changes.

                         Fannie Lou TV strives to make our audience both aware of events going on within and without Fannie Lou and also encourages them to take active part in solutions to problems. Even though awareness is not the only way of bringing social change to the economy, there are certain aspects of life Fannie Lou TV has reported on which do not require active participation but just awareness of the outside world. An example of such a segment is Occupy Wall Street. I mean to list out occupy wall street because we don’t expect other people from different continents like Asia, Europe, Africa to leave their continent and travel all the way to North America just to take part in the protest going on for the welfare of another man’s country. We just want to create an atmosphere of awareness to the people outside America. But it does not imply that, the people of New York and America should sit back and relax. Parents and guardians should encourage and grant access to their young people to go out and protest for that social change we desire. On the other hand, creating awareness won’t actually bring solutions to any crises or social problem in life. The idea and the message must turn into action. Wonderful and interesting segments Fannie Lou TV had broadcasted so youths and adults could take active participation and practice are segments like; anti gay violence, teen violence, and teen sex education. For these segments, no matter the continent, young people and adults too have to exhibit good morals. These topics are really beneficial to be exposed to the youths and the world because violence is practiced all over the world and teens are still ignorant of sexual life.

                         Having access to media tools such as cameras, blogs, microphones and more makes me different from other teens who are interested and concerned about social change but don’t have access to these technology because thoughts, ideas, expressions and grievances for social change can be broadcasted for the outside world to view. As I mentioned earlier, that is our voice and the voices of the youths. I am seen on screen, which feels wonderful, and they don’t have the opportunity to be seen. But what matters is the information passed across to the audience to cause positive impact on lives of the old and young seeing that teens like us in Fannie Lou TV could be so creative and substantial to them. When our family members, relatives, friends and loved ones get to see us, they would be pleased to see someone they know and cherish on screen and that would cause them to incline their eyes to the what is being said and from there they carry the links to others. Fannie Lou has widened the minds of students and teachers in one way or the other. Fannie Lou TV gives students a chance to be creative with their work, to show their understanding and compassion for the community and the news. Students of Fannie Lou were ignorant or knew little of the event going on at Occupy Wall Street. Some of the members of Fannie Lou knew less or were ignorant of what was going on too, even me. Being a member of Fannie Lou TV gave me an opportunity to go see, talk with them, interview them and have much information about their protest. It was really funny when we, the Fannie Lou TV members, tried to scrutinize and see how much information teens and teachers of Fannie Lou had. The majority of them said “It’s about some sort of protest of people who are lazy and have lost their jobs in Wall Street.”   And some testified they had no clue and had never heard of such. If I am not mistaken, Fannie Lou TV was the first to go to the protest to broadcast and acquire information and that helped us with public speaking and journalism skills. By so doing teachers from different advisories started to take their students to Wall Street to also know what was happening. I must say that there was a social change in students and teacher because some teachers even took active part in the protest. That was one of the segments in an episode about Occupy Wall Street.

                         We were confident and proud of the great work we did as a team and decided to show every episode we produced in our various advisories. This was not just to be shown for laughter or fancy but to create an atmosphere of discussion and sharing of ideas and viewpoints among the students and teachers. Sometime students become rowdy, loud and bored when episodes are presented but in all, the segments they commented onduring my presentation that made students interested to share their thought was Occupy Wall Street and anti-gay violence in the community. Fannie Lou TV should get students to be more focus by being active ourselves and come up with better questionthat would cause discussion. The teachers also need to get students seated on area where the screen could be seen and make them quiet before the show begins. The presence of an administrator in every advisory would make the room important and students would be best focused. If we need to students to take active part in what we are trying to get them through broadcast to do, then the administration, teachers and members of Fannie Lou TV and even the student government should commence or be the examples for others to follow. We make news segments so that youths would enjoy giving their opinions will and encourage them to willinglysolve an issue. We use the technologies we have to encourage youths and students to succeed and always have high expectation in life.