Sarah Gordon (Fall 2011)

BIO: Hello Viewers, My name is Sarah Gordon and I am a senior attending Fannie Lou Hamer. This is my first year in Social Issues, which is also known as the FLTV class. I wasn’t surprised at all when I found out I was being enrolled to this class. I am a very loud and outspoken person. I always wanted to be on a television show or something relative to it. With my voice and actions everyone says I can be a great host. I have the attitude of a producer and the voice of a host.

Journal #1: This semester FLTV and my self had worked on issues that affect the people around out and students involved at Fannie Lou.  The issues that we covered are situations that are going on in the world today. My part on doing this years first episode for season 7 was nerve-racking. I always wanted to be a host but my first time actually sitting in front of a cast and director was frustrating. But getting help on what kind of attitude and facial expressions helped me a lot.

This first segment will make you realize the positives that needs to be done, and the negatives that needs to change. A lot of students never understood the difference between (suny) and (cuny) colleges. Majority of students never thought about how they would pay to get into college. Why should we even have to pay to get a educations? The second segment We are not aware of our surrounding, not everyone is their own person. We have a lot of people through out a lot of states and boroughs protesting about world-wide problems. Don’t you thing its best when everyone helps one another? Is change finally coming along ? The last segment will make you change your perspective on gay people. Gay people are born just like us, there is no different between any human being. We all have a heart and love one another. Does it matter what gender you fall in love with?.

We included this winter’s boys and girl’s basketball team. They are trying real hard and practices everyday.  Both teams have a lot of new players and are getting along . It took hard work and partnership to get where they have gotten today.

For this being my first class in FLTV I feel like me and my classmates achieved a lot. We accomplished something that the teacher’s and others loved watching. The amount of time we had was unbelievable, but we actually maintained and did a great job. I wish to stay with these group of students my second semester.

Trip To Democracy Now (November 30, 2011)

The trip to Democracy Now was a great trip. It shown me new things, and thought me more about the things I already know. Being to democracy now was like being at a popular news station. Myself as a student at Fannie Lou got to see behind the scene of a real live aired show. Democracy now has its own unique ways of telling the world what’s going on in different areas. For once I would actually like watching the news if it was their news.

 At Fannie Lou Hamer I’m the host. As a host I did not know you had to study the questions and script before being aired. Being at democracy now actually helped me understand more of what being a host is. I love the people who was there, they was helpful and respectful.  Amy is really a bright person, the questions she asked made me really think about my life and other things. The things she thought us and helped us with was persuasive.

Democracy Now is the best news to watch and I wish they we’re on a popular channel. If a lot more people was supposed to hear of it more they would all watch it. Other news channel tell us and show us what we don’t need or want to know. Democracy now shows relevant and great information about what’s going on around the world. Since being at Democracy Now I’ve been watching it ever since than, you guys are persuasive and wonderful. KEEP IT UP =D !!