Sonia Rodriguez (Fall 2011)


My name is Sonia. I am junior at Fannie Lou. I really am looking forward to being a reporter at Fannie Lou. I am really looking forward to doing interesting segments at Fannie Lou TV, so that way my viewers can be captivated with what they watch, and keep watching more episodes of Fannie Lou TV.


The segment that I worked on was Occupy Wall Street. This segment was about how Wall Street was being occupied for like a month and a half. Well I would like that my viewers think about the importance of  the Wall Street Protest and why is it being occupied. Also I would like them to see that if they want a change in the community then they should go out and get it themselves and voice their ideas because Occupy Wall Street isn’t going to be there forever.

In this segment about Occupy Wall Street I did many jobs, I was editing and producing and I was also the director for my segment, and I did camera work also. For being the director you have to know what angles you want, and what shot, which is also connected to the camera work because you need to know what type of scene you want and tell the camera person what to do. But I shared responsibilities as well.

For producing this segment a lot of ideas were floating up in the air, and we wanted to see what different things we could do in order to capture our viewers’ eyes. So creativity played a big role in this segment because we had a lot of posters and pictures and interviews that were really interesting.Some of the pictures that we got at Wall Street were really interesting and we knew that if they were interesting to us then they would probably be interesting for other because some were funny looking and others were serious. Also the posters played a big part because if someone has something written in a poster and you walk by the poster then you are going to go back and read it. What was intellectually stimulating about this segment is what the people and students had to say and especially the people down at Wall Street because what they say makes you think about what they want and why they want it. I think that it got me thinking because I wanted to know more about the movement because they are doing it to improve the economy and are state of being, and trying to get what benefit us and them as being part of the 99%.

Democracy Now!

Last week, the class went to see Democracy Now!. We went on the show and sat there and watched as the show was being tapped and broadcasted live. What I saw on this trip was how the show was tapped, and the professionalism that they had during the show. What I liked the best about visiting the show was how Amy Goodman was really good at doing her show, and how she was a natural in front of the camera. Also what I really liked about the show is that it is an independent show, and it is willing to put news out there that other news program are not willing to show. The way that the show conveys the news, and does not lie about it, they tell it the way it is. well the visit to Democracy Now made me see the media different because now I know that there are news channels that barely pay attention to what is going on around the world, and focus more on what is going here and in celebrities life instead on focusing on the real issues, that really matter, and Democracy Now focuses on those issues to aware us on what is going on around the world.

Final Essay

Essay: How is Fannie Lou TV a vehicle for social change?

For this semester I feel that Fannie Lou TV has stood out to a lot of people. Fannie Lou TV is speaking for young teens and teenagers. I feel that this show speaks to teenagers because we show topics that interest them, and helps them be better for the future. For example in this season of Fannie Lou TV college advisers gave out advice on college, and the PSAT.  I believe that Fannie Lou TV is speaking for the unheard voices, and for people who don’t like to share their opinions or their thoughts on a certain matter.

I believe that Fannie Lou TV is a vehicle for social change because, the episodes that are produced show different types of problems going on in the community. For example in one episode of Fannie Lou TV anti-gay violence was addressed. This could be a vehicle for social change because people need to learn to accept that just because people are different from you doesn’t mean that they should be treated in a different manner, or worst than you because they are different. I think that society has to learn to respect other type of people if they want to be respected themselves. Also Fannie Lou TV is a vehicle for social change because we have also addressed the problems that go on in different parts of the world. We visited the independent news show Democracy Now. During the visit to the show we learned many things, such as the protest that was going on in Britain, and how teachers, fire fighters, hospital staff, and garbage collectors were participating in the 24 hour strike that was organized by 30 trade unions. They were protesting for them to get paid more and get to work longer before they retire. I feel that this is a vehicle for social change because, people need to know what is going on in the world. Most teenagers for example worry about what is going on in their social circle and what is going on with celebrities, and what they aren’t doing. They need to worry about what is going on in the world, because some of them didn’t know what was happening Wall Street even though they live on the same country where the protest happened. They need to be more connected to what goes on in the world and not just wander through life cluelessly.

Fannie Lou TV should make their audience aware of social issues, but they should also take part in it. They need to participate in making change in the world, because if  they don’t know it, then no one will do it for them. They should feel that, their voice is valid and if they feel they should join a protest to be heard then have to, if they want change. More people would be needed to make a difference, and who knows maybe your voice will be the voice to make a difference. I believe that awareness is not enough to bring out social change, because it doesn’t matter how much you speak about or discuss it, it wont be enough if you want to change something. Sometimes discussing a subject or just talking about it, doesn’t help because a simple answer like “we will do it” doesn’t work because they will eventually forget. I feel that if you want change you have to be persistent about it, so that the people who are protesting know that you care and wont give up until your goal is achieved.

Access to media tools can help a lot in social change.  These tools makes us different from other groups of teenagers who are concerned about social change, because we have the technology to inform our school, and other people outside of this school what the problems in and out of the community are. Technology can offer more opportunities in social change because people now get alerts on their phones, on different

news and world events. Technology offer more opportunities because if you have something to say and want people to follow or share your opinion to help make a change, then your voice and image can be broadcast through the internet, web shows, news even or a video blog, and if people watch then they will start a movement based on your voice and your opinions.

Throughout this season the most successful segments in getting the students to speak out I think might have been the Occupy Wall Street segment, the anti-gay violence skit at Pregones Theater, and also the skit that was done at our school. These caused the students to speak out because some of them didn’t know what Occupy Wall Street was and, they also responded to the skits because some relate to some people at our school or simply because the skit that was done at Pregones Theater made them laugh or sounded funny.

I believe that there is a lot that students, teachers and administration could do help students exchange opinions  or take actions. They could have suggestions on what the students are interested in speaking about or discussing or also what they think is socially aware. They could have a discussion about it and see what their opinions are. They could take actions on what we have reported on, because in the Fannie Lou TV class we have  been told about Occupy the Bronx, we could spread out to our friends see if they will join and help create a change.

Reflection On Presentation

Last week the producers of FLTV went around doing presentations for different advisories. Some of the presentations went well. To do these presentation we had to prepare a lot. We had to come up with questions, and sources that we could give to them, so they could have resources, to look for fallow ups. In some classes we had some good responses, and in others not so well. The first class that we went to, which was Alison’s advisory, they had a good response to the upcoming episode about stop and frisk. The students in her class opened up about encounters that they have had with the police. The last class that we presented to was Marc’s sociology class. I feel that they had a good response to the entire segment overall. In that class we discussed, schools closings, black history month and the peace fair segment. They had a good discussion about each segment.

Also we had some trouble getting to communicate with the D1 advisories because some of them were shy. But after they felt comfortable, they shared and related with some of the segments. Not only the students were shy, but I personally was like shy to speak. Even though I was prepared and had my questions to ask, I was still shy. The students seemed engaged in the episode and were really paying attention. Even though some of them did not speak as much, they were really into the episodes.

We have really interesting segments coming up. There is a stop and frisk segment, a PSA about the college success center. And we have a secret segment coming up. But if you want to know what this secret segment is about, then you have to tune in and watch. Thanks to Allison’s and Rachell’s advisories for letting us present. And Marc’s class as well.