Stephanie Osorio (Fall 2011)


My name is Stephanie Osorio and I’m a student at Fannie Lou Hamer High School. I’m very fond of my FLTV class, classmates, and teacher Pam Sporn. Btw I love Barbara Santiago ☺ I take a very big interest in photography and film, anything that has to do with showing how I see things in the world through my eyes and how we can make a change. I feel the world is constantly living in a big movement which we are not aware of.
 Production Journal #1,  November 2011
When my peers and people watch our segments they should feel positive and hopeful in making a change and joining the movement. They should feel more informed with what’s going on in society and understanding. I usually play the role of the camera girl or photographer, but in Season 7 Episode 1 in Senior Concerns I was the interviewer, camera girl, director, and editor. I’d rather be behind the camera and capture the view than partake in the madness. In the segment there are different groups who do different categories and even though we are doing our own things, we are also helping and critiquing each other’s work to make it better. Whether it was with being an extra cameraman, or helping edit someone’s video, or side directing on how you think it will look better or how it should be and take place. I’m very excited for our future episodes and working on different topics.