William Harris (Spring 2012)


Hi, my name is William Harris. I am a senior in Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School. I’m 17 years old and I play for my school’s basketball team. My school team also has the best record in our division. I’m a very cool laid back person who loves recording and editing videos. One thing that I like and enjoy about being with the FLTV cast is that you have a say so in what you want to do and your opinion counts.


Season 8 episode 1 reflection

The first episode of this season was very cool. Thats because this was my first time doing FLTV and i enjoyed every little thing about it. Even thou my segment didnt make it into this segment i still think this episode was a success because of the problems we took on in the community. When we had to go to the different classes and talk about the episode it was a good experience for me. I think thats because when we had the discussion we covered a lot of things that we needed to. I liked when we went to Marcs Pyschology class and we started talking about how some kids thats came to Fannie Lou didnt know that it was named a famous African American historian. This is huge because what if Fannie Lou didnt do what she did there wouldnt be no Fannie Lou Hamer school. So i cant wait till everyone see episode 2 because its going be more exciting.