Zainab Ibrahim

March 5th, 2012

Hello, my name Zena and I am apart of Fannie Lou TV. In this class I look forward to covering controversial topics such as Bulling, Racism, Police Brutality, and other world-wide issues. I wanted to be in this class because it’s a new experience and I don’t mind working hard to make sure my segment is done. Also because I figured I’d have a lot of fun.


As a group Fannie Lou TV went around to three classrooms which was Alison’s advisory Rachel’s Advisory and Marc’s Sociology class  and showed our first episode. I felt like Alison’s class participated very good and they understood what was going on around our neighborhood . In marcs class they were excellent The discussions was awesome, I enjoyed it especially in Marc’s class. Although I found some of Rachel’s students being rude they were okay too. A lot of people noticed that we shared our peace flags with our sister school Banana Kelly H.S , Being that the lost a loved one we went and showed them love.